Well…what can we tell you? We’re five musicians who are pretty good at getting a crowd going. Not quite good enough to sell out the Air Canada Centre but if you’ve got a bar, if you’re having a wedding or putting on a wee festival then by George, we can entertain. We’re not your average long-haired, drum pounding, widdly-woo guitar solo, Mustang Sally playing cover band. We play current popular music…acoustic style. We like to mix it up a little as well, kickin’ out songs that you never thought you’d hear on an acoustic guitar and throwing in some grooving tunes that you forgot all about but somehow still remember all the words to.

With a couple of guitars, a bass, a fiddle and some hand drums, we dish out a celtic-inspired sound with an upbeat tempo but a laid back vibe. We try not to take ourselves too seriously – our rock-star dreams went out with pinned rugby pants and Hammer time. We just love to play tunes for people who appreciate live music and love to sing along. We can’t write music worth crap but we figured a good cover band is a hell of lot more fun to watch anyway.

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Murphy's Law
1702 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1G6



The Burren Pub
1301 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1C2

Brian Wilson
Original Artist - Barenaked Ladies

All These Things That I've Done
Original Artist - The Killers

Little Lion Man
Original Artist - Mumford & Sons

5 Days in May
Original Artist - Blue Rodeo